One of the biggest concerns for industries all over the world is Corrosion. Corrosion is a natural process by which metals attempt to return to their original ore state. These problems occur usually because of moisture, water, salts etc.

VCI or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor as it is commonly known is a relatively new technology in the field of rust prevention. The VCI chemicals present on the surface of the film, in an enclosed atmosphere start vaporizing quickly. Moisture trapped in the enclosed atmosphere dissociates VCI chemicals into positive (+) and negative (-) ions. These ions react with cathodes and anodes present on the surface of the metal. Moisture works as an electrolyte in the presence of VCI thus accelerating the process of deposition of ions on the metal surface. In case of components packed in oiled condition, same reaction takes place between the ions and molecules of oil present on the metal surface.

The VCI films are manufactured on the latest machines in which the modern technology of impregnation/ extrusion is adopted. The VCI chemicals and hostpolymers used are of world class quality and environment friendly. The films are available in the form of sheets, rolls and bags for the purpose of protecting ferrous, non ferrous and multi metal components.