Antirust (VCI) film is an Anticorrosive, nontoxic film available in the form of sheets, bags and rolls. VCI's are volatile solids coated or extruded along with LDPE which saturate the empty space around metals while in an enclosed atmosphere. Moisture trapped within is used by VCI as an electrolyte to form an invisible gaseous layer around the metal surface. This layer offers maximum protection to the metal surface even under severe corrosive atmosphere. Protection is also offered to those jobs which are not covered with conventional rust preventive mediums like oils and grease.

Specifications :-

Tearing Strength (120 gms / 25 micron film )

Water Vapor Tr. Rate ( WVTR )(0.8 gms /sq.m./ 24 hrs)

Vapor Inhibiting Ability ( VIA ) (As per APP.A1/ A2 of IS-6263)

Tests - Salt Spray (As per ASTM-B117 for 96 Hours)

Humidity (As per IS-9000 Part-II / Part-IV)

Applications :-

This product is mainly used for the packing of :

Machined ferrous / non ferrous components.

Castings and Forgings

Bearings, Piston Rings, Liners

CRCA strips, bars, wires

VCI films are made available in various sizes and gauge. These are available in the form of sheets and rolls. Normally, thin films are used for wrapping circular or cylindrical jobs like bundles of strips, wires and coils. Thicker films are used for medium sized, sharp and heavy jobs. Prevention of rust is certain even in severe atmospherics conditions. This product has been tested and approved as per the IS-9000 (part II and part IV) and the ASTM -B117 standards. Because of excellent stretch ability this type of a film is used for stretch wrapping of metal components. The stretch ability of the film offered is as high as 200%.

Salient Features :-

Transparency of film.

Non-Toxic and Non Hazardous.

Shelf life six months and field life about two years (if used as per specifications).

Useful for protecting raw materials, WIP and finished goods.

Cost effective (cheapest amongst all VCI manufacturers).

Tested successfully in lab as well as in field.

Maximum elongation offered is 200%.

Tearing strength 40% higher than normal poly film.

Suitable for machine wrap as well as hand wrap.

Specifications :-

Tearing Strength (120 gms/25 micron film )

Water Vapor Tr. Rate (WVTR)(0.8 gms/sq.m./24 hrs)

Vapor Inhibiting Ability (VIA)(As per APP.A1/A2 of IS-6263)

Tests - Salt Spray (As per ASTM-B117 for 96 Hours)

Humidity (As per IS-9000 Part-II / Part - IV)

Applications :-

For dry packing and storage of ferrous, non ferrous and Multi-metal components like :

CRCA strips and Coils.

Wires and rounds.

Pipes, and Tubes.

Various assembled parts and machinery.

This product incorporates permanent Antistatic compounds which offer maximum protection for a very long duration to sensitive instruments and equipments like PCBs, Medical equipments from getting damaged due to static charge generated within film or surroundings. Unique Antistats migrate to the film surface after polymerization and prevent build-up of static charge during transportation or prior to final use. This product promotes decay or dissipation of electricity. This also prevents accumulation of dust and possibility of attracting other plastic items. This is available in the form of sheets, bags and rolls.

Applications :-

This product is widely used for the packing of :

Populated PCBs

Sensitive electronic devices

Finished electronic components and Assemblies

For packing gelatin capsules

As a liquid packing medium for preventing solvents from catching fire, while stored in drums.

Antistatic stretch films prevent the buildup of static charge which is formed during transportation, handling and in the final use of products like electronic assemblies, populated PCB's etc. These films also prevent attraction of objects like dust and other plastic parts as also electrostatic discharge, which is a serious problem faced by the Electronic and Electrical industry. The film is made available in various sizes and thickness. Due to the stretch ability, the coverage of surface area is thrice than that of normal poly film. The stretch ability of the film offered is as high as 300%. This film is suitable for machine wrapping as well as hand wrapping.

Specifications :-

Tearing Strength (85 to 115 gms /25 microns)

Water Vapor Tr. Rate (WVTR)(0.7 gms /sq.m / 24 hrs)

Seam Strength No separation as well as no leakage

Corrosivity No corrosion or pitting will be observed

Resistance to Ageing No delamination possible Transparency - As normal as LDPE film

Tolerance on width +/- 2.5 mm and on length +/- 2.5 mm

Surface ResistivityAbove 108 ohms sq to 1010 ohms sq

Static shielding ability up to 60,000 volts

Static charge Nil at zero distance from the film surface

Size / Color Width of tubing min.4" max.24" and pink

Thickness 100 gauge (0.025mm) to 200 gauge (0.05mm)

Duration of Zero static charge 24 months

% of elongation 300

Applications :-

This product is used for the packing of :

Populated PCBS & Electronics Components

Sensitive Electronic Devices.

Finished Electrical / Electronic assemblies

Fine Powders & Liquids

Precision metal parts & components

This is a unique chemical formulation which can be used without any risk of toxicity, bad smell and is absolutely safe for the skin as well as the surroundings. It can be used for removing rust of any nature. For light rust, it can be applied by brush or cotton on the rusty surface and the rust can be removed by cleaning that surface with wet cloth after about ten minutes. For medium and heavy rust, objects need to be kept immersed into this liquid for a period of half an hour. Later these objects have to be cleaned in mineral oil or rinsed in running water. Corrosion inhibitor present in the liquid does not allow flash rusting immediately. However, strong rust preventive is necessary to offer long term protection. In case of pitting or severe deep rust, the objects will have to be kept immersed for much longer periods of time. Unlike conventional rust removers no surface damage like whitening or blackening takes place on non-rusty surface. Liquid can be disposed off through normal sewage channels.

Salient Features :-

Free from toxic Phosphoric, Sulphuric and nitric acids

Absolutely odorless and non toxic to human tissues

Easy to remove by rinsing in water or kerosene

Shelf life - One Year

Specifications :-

Clear greenish colored liquid

Specific Gravity 1.05 to 1.07

Boiling point 100 Degrees

Applications :-

Rust removal of Machined or Unmachined parts, components, bars, tubes, nuts, bolts, strips, wires etc.

We offer best alternative to costly mineral oils or solvents for the purpose of cleaning oiled or greased metal components. Degreaser, being alkaline in nature not only cleans oily metal surfaces but also offers temporary protection from corrosion. On application either by applying or dipping, compounds present in this liquid start reacting with oily substances present on the metal surface. Period of application depends upon the thickness of oil or grease. For thinner layers, oil can be removed in a matter of minutes either by swabbing in case of low thickness and by spray washing in case of thick layers. Being water soluble, concentration of this can be reduced for applications of different nature by adding soft water. This can remove stains from painted, plastic or any other surfaces easily.

Specifications :-

Appearance Fluorescent green colored

Specific Gravity 1.10 - 1.15 gms / cub. cm.

Viscosity Fords Cup B-4-14 Secs.

Smell Odorless

pH Value 9 to 9.5

Applications :-

For cleaning of oily / greasy metal components.

For cleaning oily machine beds, painted surfaces, and floors.

For cleaning of light stained wood, plastic surfaces.

The antistatic floor cleaner liquid is one product that has enabled a number of our customers to keep Assembly and Packaging areas free from the problems of dust and accumulation of static charge on factory floors. This is a liquid concentrate which has to be diluted to 10% while in use. Once cleaned with this, floor surface remains free of static charge for a period of at least three to four days. Duration of dissipating static charge solely depends upon the type of floor, ambient temp and floor usage.

Being detergent based this liquid provides a double function of cleaning a floor as well as providing a very thin film of Antistats which is deposited on the floor surface.

Specifications :-

Surface Resistivity 109 ohms/sq

Static Shielding Ability 35000 volts

Shelf Life Six to Nine months

Viscosity 26 Secs Fords Cup B-4

Applications :-

For cleaning factory floors or assembly area.