About Us

Om Engineers, an ISO 9001:2008 company is mainly engaged in the business of manufacturing various types of modified plastics, which mainly consists of rust preventive (VCI) Antirust Polythene Bags, Sheets, Rolls etc. We provide our customers customized VCI formulations to meet their individual company needs to ensure protection for the metal surfaces.

Our products have been successfully tested by India’s foremost institutions like ARAI, Indian Institute of Packaging Mumbai and Electronic Test and Development Center (ETDC), Pune.

Our trained team of production and field personnel assists the customers with technical application information. We not only ensure dependable VCI products and services on consistent basis but continuously look for ways to improve its efficiency and help the customer.

Our latest development i.e. development of raw material for manufacturing 100% Biodegradable LDPE film has been successfully tested at India's topmost lab, "National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)". This invention has also won a prestigious prize from Mahratta Chamber of Commerce for year 2000. We have been selling our products to many large scale and multinational organizations located all over country.